Macro Info Solutions’s client relationships are based on delivering the highest quality professional technology consulting and development services.

Our Philosophy- Customer-Driven

It is our strong belief that solutions have to be built with the customer being an integral aspect of development process. Our customers play a large role in the definition of new product features and functionality.PRIAS has added more than 300 Chartered accountants of U. P.& Delhi in our client list.

Commitment to Quality

MacroInfoSolutions is a company that is quality-driven. Our Software is developed by some of the best and most experienced development staffs in the industry. The Products are thoroughly tested and fine tuned before they are released.

Commitment to Results

We are driven by the desire to make a difference to customers by delivering extraordinary value. Our environment fosters a winning attitude where leaders are accountable for delivering exemplary performance from their teams. Personal growth and development is the ability to make larger and larger commitments and consistently deliver on them.

Open Atmosphere

Our open atmosphere fosters easy access across levels or functions, the willingness to listen and change, to give and accept feedback. Such an atmosphere encourages people to question, disagree, criticize and suggest improvements and processes. Such openness can lead to improvement only in a disciplined environment where people conform to rules, processes and performance norms.

Outstanding Teamwork

A high level of teamwork takes place in an environment of inspired leadership, clarity of individual roles and a constant flow of communication and knowledge sharing.

Domain Expertise

E-Governance,integration of Information Technology for Rural Development,Customization of Hospital & School Management System,Accounting & inventory application, Intranet application.